Colors & Meaning

Flags and Banners are used to worship, adore, and glorify God. They are also weapons of spiritual warfare; warfare in Praise, Prayer, Intercession and the Prophetic. Colors in the Word of God have spiritual meaning. Below is the color chart with the explanation of the colors and the scriptures pertaining to them.

Flags of Revelation Color Chart

Color Meaning Scripture
Red Protection
Exodus 12:23
Revelation 1:5
Green Healing
Ezekiel 47:12
Genesis 1:30
Bronze Atonement Numbers 21:9
Blue GOD’s Color-
Holy Spirit
Exodus 24:10
Exodus 28
Purple Royalty Judges 8:26
Mark 15:20
John 19:2
Silver Redemption Amos 8:6
Burgundy Wine-
Spirit of Laughter
Ecclesiastes 10:19

Aqua Healing Waters
John 5:4
2 Kings 5:10
Rainbow GOD‘s Promises
Pink Love and Peace Ezekiel 11:19
Gold The Glory of GOD
Glory: Beauty that inspires the feelings of joy
The Splendor of GOD
Splendor: Something magnificent and brilliant
Ezekiel 10:4
2 Chronicles 7:1
Psalm 145:5